ECVET projects now easy to find

More than a hundred LLP projects are currently exploring and testing ECVET components and principles. However, it isn’t always easy to find their contact details, websites and products.

The NetECVET network has improved the visibility of ECVET projects by identifying interesting projects and ‘tagging’ them in the ADAM project and products portal.

The projects do not necessarily represent good practice in all aspects. Rather, they are interesting practices, that encourage VET practitioners to apply ECVET in the context of transnational mobility.

On a dedicated page, a filter enables you to refine your search for specific ECVET elements, like assessment of learning outcomes, Memorandum of Understanding, etc.

The ECVET tag in ADAM gives you access to all of the interesting Leonardo da Vinci ECVET projects; transfer of innovation, mobility and partnership projects.

The NetECVET network will continue to add projects to the database.


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